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2008 Jeonnam Dragons Supplies Support

Jeonnam Dragons continue to wear the Astle uniforms. Jeonnam Dragons selected ASTORE (official supplier of supplies) as the official kit sponsor, and released the 2008 uniform with the signing ceremony at the office of the Middle East club in Gwangyang city on October 5. Jeonnam Dragons has signed a contract with Astore for two years from 2006 and has won two consecutive FA cups during the last contract period and has decided to extend the contract for two years from this year to next year. Astre was the first Spanish orthodox brand to sponsor the Primera League's Real Sociedad and Osasuna, and landed in Korea for the first time in 2006. Chunnam Dragons and Astre are a true partnership concept To develop various events and active marketing programs.

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2009 ~ 2010 Supporting Jeju UTD products

Jeju United is playing in the uniform with the ASTORES all season. JEJU signed a sponsorship contract with SaKa Corp., a trademark exclusive licensee of Astore, at SUPEX Hall, SK Energy, Jongno - gu, Seoul on July 4. Jeju decided to receive 1 billion won worth of spot money from Saka for two years. "I would like to thank the Jeju players for their opportunity to sponsor Jeju, and I would like to sponsor Jeju players so that they will not feel uncomfortable. On the day, Jeju also released the home, away, and goalkeeper uniforms for the 2009 season in Saskatchewan. Cho Yong-hyung, Koo Ja-chul, and Jeon Tae-hyun set out as fitting models. Saka said, "We did not wear uniforms weighing more than 180g, so we did not feel comfortable. We carved the image of SK's happy wings and designed it with a fluorescent color."

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2007 Peace Cup sponsorship

The Peace Star Cup Organizing Committee held a signing ceremony at the Peace Cup Korea Organizing Committee meeting room on April 4. "2007 Peace Star Cup" is a big contest where 6 teams of entertainers play 25 games from April 7th to October 20th this month. The official sponsor of the event, Saskaspor (CEO: Oh Jung-suk), will provide the Astle brand with the items needed for the overall competition such as uniforms and training suits during the competition. The team participating in the "2007 Peace Star Cup" is a total of 6 teams including two teams of talent cast, including model team, movie actor team, comedian team and singing team. Among the 250 athletes participating in the tournament, Includes many popular entertainers such as Song Gang-ho, Tak Jae-hoon and Lee Kwang-ki.

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